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How to Make a Slideshow on Tiktok

How to Make a Slideshow on Tiktok

TikTok slideshow is a type of short videos that TikTok users create by combining their pictures, videos and music. These videos are usually organized around a specific theme or topic and are edited using many different effects, transitions and other editing tools.

You can share slideshows on your own profile or share them with other TikTok users. Slideshows are especially popular with younger users and can be done on many different topics. For example, slideshows can be made about travel, fashion, food, dance, music, nature, and more.

What is Tiktok slideshow?

A slideshow is a method of creating a short video by combining many images, videos, and music tracks. It is organized around a specific theme or topic and is often made more appealing by using different effects and transitions. It can be done using different editing tools and effects that TikTok offers.

Using slideshow type videos is also among the reasons for its popularity, as it helps users to make videos more attractive by presenting a list of popular music.

Is regular video more effective on Tiktok or are videos with slideshows more effective?

An exact comparison cannot be made in terms of effectiveness between regular videos and slideshows on TikTok. This is because both types of videos serve different purposes and have different features. Normal videos focus on a single subject, while slideshows are created by combining a series of images, videos, and music tracks.

Therefore, regular videos and slideshows are designed on different topics and for different purposes. For example, regular videos can focus on a specific topic, such as a dance performance, a song, or a speech, while slideshows can be used on a range of topics, such as a holiday, an event, or a product promotion.

In terms of effectiveness, both types of videos have the potential to engage the audience. However, which genre is more effective depends on factors such as video content, quality, target audience, topic, and presentation style. For example, if promoting a product, a slideshow may be more effective because it combines factors such as a set of product images, product features, and music. However, if a dance performance is to be presented, a regular video may be more effective because it may be more suitable for emphasizing dance moves, music, and performance.

Will videos with slideshows appear in the explore section on Tiktok?

Videos with slideshows on TikTok can appear in the Explore section. The Explore section is a feature that helps TikTok users discover recommended videos and discover new content. The Explore section is customized based on users' interests, accounts they follow, and interactions.

Slideshow videos can be found in the Explore section as long as they are interesting, creative and quality content. The TikTok algorithm determines popular content and content waiting to be discovered, taking into account factors such as the quality of the video, the number of views, the number of likes, the number of comments, the number of shares and the watch time.

Slideshow videos can be featured in the Explore section, especially by choosing a compelling and interesting topic and supplemented with appropriate music and effects. Besides that, other factors of the video such as hashtags, description and title can also be impressive and help you find it in the Explore section.

How to Make a Slideshow on Tiktok

Making a slideshow on TikTok is pretty easy and can be done with the following steps:

1- Open the TikTok app and tap the '+' icon to create a new video.

2- The camera will open, but tap "Create" because you want to make a slideshow.

3- Tap "+ Photo / Video" option to select several photos or videos for the slideshow.

4- The photos and videos you select are automatically organized in slideshow format.

5- Tap the "Duration" icon to set the amount of time that will appear on each slide. Then tap the "Transition Effect" icon to change the transition speed between slides.

6- Tap the "Music" icon to add music to your slideshow. TikTok offers many music options and you can choose any music you want. You can also select a specific part of the music to adjust the harmony between the slideshow and the music.

7- Add a title and description for your slide show.

8- Record video or stream directly.

Each slide of your slideshow video is displayed for the amount of time you choose, and it cycles through the transition effects. Also, the music you add will play throughout the slideshow. After the slideshow video is published, it can be discovered and popularized again by the TikTok algorithm.

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